Fabriweld is a working factory and manufacturing is at the centre of our business.

Manufacturing at Fabriweld varies from one-off product runs to low volume to continual serial production and our processes reflect this flexibility as each day dozens of different components and products are manufactured alongside each other. 


Fabriweld possesses the manufacturing technology, technical know-how and experience to provide complete ready for market product solutions. Our 6000 square foot factory contains some of the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology, re-investment in facilities and equipment is a continual and important culture at Fabriweld.


Currently our facilities include;

Automated fibre-laser for sheet material for up to 2500mm x 1250mm square.

Self-loading sheet laser with turret punch with 30 tool stations.

Tube laser with capacity for up to 150mm diameter x 2000mm length.

2x Press brakes for up to 2500mm width sheet.

2x Powered fixing insertion machines.

9x Station welding shop.

Fully automated powder coating track system, coating up to 100,000 pieces pcm.