At Fabriweld we have a methodical and measured approach to ensure we develop products to meet expectation, manufacturing constraints and where needed in anticipation of future improvement and evolution.


Fabriweld have a range of 3D printers on site and access to larger more complex prototype machines allowing us to provide physical samples and test design parameters before any commitment to tooling, saving time and saving money throughout the development process. Fabriweld has seen massive reductions in development duration and costs with the use of 3D printers, being the subject of case studies for the 3D printer market.


Once a concept is finalised we're able to produce prototype components on site to test and where required provide sample products to customers and clients for their approval. Production ready samples can be supplied, as is often the case with customers from overseas where time differences and shipping times can elongate the development process.


If you have a schedule for a new product, we can meet or surpass it, we're aware that getting products to market at the right time is just as important as the product itself!